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You’re having a root canal or a large filling, or perhaps you break or chip a tooth and need to restore it with a dental crown. The team of dentists at Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry, Washington specialize in creating custom-fitted crowns to protect and stabilize teeth in children, teens, and adults. If you live in Redmond, Washington or the surrounding area, you can book an appointment online, call the friendly staff, or walk-in for an emergency consultation.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

The crown of your natural tooth is the part that’s visible above the gum line. A dental crown is an artificial cap that encircles the crown of your tooth, restoring its appearance and function in the case of damage or disease. Crowns are also used to stabilize a dental bridge.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials:

Porcelain fused to metal (FTM)

A 96% pure, 23-karat gold core, paired with a tooth-colored baked porcelain surface, ensures a comfortable fit and superior aesthetics, with few sensitivities or allergies.

All-ceramic (or porcelain with ceramic substrate)

The lack of a metal core makes this type of crown more natural looking and gives it a beautiful transparency. These crowns are best for visible front teeth.

Full Gold Crown

This durable crown is composed of 72% 18-karat gold and 3.5% platinum. It is best for back teeth that won’t be seen.

Stainless steel crown

These durable, prefabricated crowns are used to stabilize decayed baby teeth quickly and easily. They can also serve as a temporary crown while your custom-made crown is being prepared.

When do I need a crown?

Your dentist prioritizes saving your natural teeth whenever possible. If your tooth is decayed, damaged, chipped, or broken, a crown can increases its strength, stability, and appearance.

You may also need a crown if you:

  • Had a root canal
  • Want a dental bridge to replace missing teeth
  • Have worn, misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Want to cover a large filling

How is my crown placed?

You need two to three appointments at Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry to complete your crown placement. There are several steps to your crown:

  • Your dentist clears decay from the tooth and takes an impression
  • You wear a temporary crown while the lab creates your permanent crown
  • Your dentist cements your crown in place and shapes it to look and feel natural
  • You may return for an additional fitting or a check-up.

You can get started by booking a crown consultation online or by calling Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry for an appointment.