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Dental Implants

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More than half of Americans ages 20-64 are missing at least one tooth, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. You can replace your missing tooth, restore your smile, and preserve proper mouth function with a permanent dental implant from Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry in Redmond, Washington. Dental implants look and perform like natural teeth. Redmond Smiles provides advanced functional and cosmetic dental care to men, women, teens, and children in Redmond and surrounding areas. Call today or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

How can I replace my missing tooth?

Nobody wants to lose a permanent tooth. Whether you lost your tooth to trauma, infection, decay, or were merely born missing one, the gap in your gum line probably makes you feel self-conscious. A missing tooth can also cause other problems, such as:

  • Adjacent teeth rotate and fall into the empty gap
  • Opposite teeth grow toward the gap (super eruption)
  • Rotation and super eruption collapse your bite
  • Mouth sagging
  • Older appearance
  • Speech impediments
  • Jaw pain and disorders, including TMJ
  • Impaired chewing and digestion

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium metal post capped by a false tooth (i.e., crown) that your Redmond Smiles dentist surgically implants into the empty tooth socket, through the gum line, and down to the jaw, where it fuses with the bone over time. Once the implant has “taken,” it functions just like a natural tooth.

What happens during a dental implant procedure?

Dental implantation takes four to five appointments and several months to complete. In the meantime, you wear a temporary false tooth to hide the gap.

Your Redmond Smiles dental surgeon devises an individually tailored plan for you. Your dentist then:

  • Removes the damaged tooth, if still present
  • Places a bone graft to strengthen your jawbone and allows for it to heal
  • Places the metal implant post into the jawbone and anchors the crown with an abutment
  • Waits six to 12 weeks while new bone cells fuse to the post
  • Places the crown or denture

You need a few months for your jaw and gums to heal and fuse to the implant completely. Once your Redmond Smiles dentist gives you the OK, you can use and clean your implant as you would a natural tooth.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

Dental implants are the most natural-looking tooth replacement and function like natural teeth. They also:

  • Prevent infection by protecting the empty tooth socket from bacterial infection
  • Protect the integrity of your jawbone by putting normal stress on it during chewing
  • Prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment, causing jaw and functional problems
  • Can last a lifetime

Get the most permanent and natural-looking type of tooth replacement by calling Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry for dental implant surgery. You can also book an appointment by using the online form.