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Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry

Dentists located in Redmond, WA

When you have more than a couple of teeth missing, partial or full dentures may be the best solution. The experts at Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry restore your smile without surgery by designing dentures that fit you perfectly. They work with men, women, and families in the Redmond, Washington area. You can book an appointment online or call the office to speak with the helpful staff about having a more confident smile with dentures.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable false teeth that are custom-designed, based on impressions taken of your teeth, gums, and jawline. There are three types of dentures:

  • Full dentures, which replace an entire lower or upper jawline of missing teeth
  • Overdentures, which replace most of the teeth in the jawline
  • Partial dentures, which replace a few missing teeth

Your dentist helps you choose the right denture for your needs.

Why do I need dentures?

Missing teeth are unattractive and cause functional problems of the jaw and digestive system. Healthy stress from chewing builds new bone in the jaw and skull. Without that pressure, bone begins to deteriorate, leading to muscle loss and skin laxity.

What are dentures made of?

Dentures are made out of ceramic, porcelain, or acrylic that’s shaped and tinted to look like your natural teeth. The false teeth are attached to a plastic base that matches the color of your gums.

Dentures are custom-made from impressions of your gums so they will fit you snugly and comfortably.

What are the advantages of dentures?

Dentures have several advantages over other tooth replacement procedures, such as bridges and implants, including:

  • No surgery is needed
  • Remaining teeth don’t have to be filed down or reshaped
  • Completely noninvasive
  • Cost-effective
  • Can easily progress to another tooth-replacement strategy at a later date

What are the disadvantages of dentures?

Dentures have a few more challenges than other types of tooth replacement, such as:

  • Need to be removed every night
  • Must be cleaned separately from your gums, tongue, and any remaining teeth
  • Don’t look as natural as other tooth replacements
  • May require adhesive to keep them in place
  • May make your mouth sore
  • May change the way you speak
  • May cause excessive saliva
  • May crowd your tongue

Your dentist works with you to get the most comfortable fit and natural look possible. When you’re ready to explore your options for dentures or other tooth replacement methods, call the Redmond Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry or book an appointment online.